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Founded in 2016 with a specialization in luxury hospitality, O|PR has expanded organically branching out into related and complementary sectors as our clients ventured into new industries, taking us along with them.


specializes in PR, Communications, bespoke Events, and unique Collaborations.


With an extensive database of over 200,000 people O|PR assist brands seeking connections or aiming to reach key partners who have previously collaborated with OH restaurants.


Establishing affiliations with brands across various verticals, like Food, Fashion, Beauty, Business, Travels O|PR amplifies campaigns through editorials, PR, events, brand ambassadors, local and international influencers.






Services offered include pre-launch events, opening parties, curated guest lists, hyper-local channel activations, PR kit, 1-on-1 connections, newsletters, etc.


Giovanna Altomare leads O|PR and is a well-known figure in the tightly-knit realms of fashion and luxury, both in the UAE and Europe. Her work with top-tier brands over the past decade has earned her admiration and recognition within the industry and among her peers. She has received numerous prestigious awards in the field of Communications and Public Relations, including the Grand Prix of Cannes Lions 2022, The Loeries, and many others.


With a comprehensive background spanning premium automotive, finance, fashion, and luxury hospitality industries, Giovanna boasts a 360-degree Marketing & Pr experience. Leveraging her extensive personal network and insider status, Giovanna excels at facilitating opportunities for brands seeking to connect with the most discerning clientele.


Furthermore, her unwavering passion for people and her commitment to delivering the highest level of service set Giovanna apart, placing her in a league of her own when it comes to cultivating relationships with the press and affluent clients.

“Mastering the art of public relations is like crafting the narrative that shapes how the world sees your brand—because great PR is all about artfully managing brand communication.”




The O|PR team specialises in delivering strategic consultancy services for brand positioning, narrative development, and association solutions. We engage in a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ business needs, serving as the foundation for developing integrated communications plans meticulously aligned with overarching goals.
Our array of services includes: Full Strategic Communications Plan Development, Planning Sessions and Brainstorming, Editorial Calendar Planning, Media Training and Story Idea Development. At O|PR, our commitment extends beyond consultancy; we serve as strategic partners in propelling brands toward success.


O|PR builds personalised communication strategies across all mediums tailored to each client’s goals. Our established connections extend to both online and offline media platforms throughout the UAE and abroad. Whether it’s managing media relations, generating publicity, or overseeing stakeholder interactions, our focus is on achieving sustained press coverage. We prioritize maintaining the most robust contacts in the market to ensure the success of our clients.


We are renowned for having one of the strongest and most extensive VIP databases in UAE, and we are able to create bespoke guest lists to cater to specific client briefs. From fashion to high jewelry, beauty to F&B, O|PR curates the perfect guest list for each event.


O|PR provides a comprehensive approach to event management, overseeing the entire process from initial conceptualization to final production and execution. Moreover, we maintain premium catering standards to guarantee exceptional quality.
Types of Events: Product launches, Fashion shows, Gala dinners, Intimate dinners, Private parties, Press previews, Corporate Presentations


& Clients

Bringing brands together can be extremely effective for fostering endorsement, credibility, and creating platforms for fresh narratives. Leveraging our extensive network of contacts, we strategically connect clients with like-minded brands for events, exclusive product collaborations, and to enhance overall business value.



We bring our clients’ work to life through diverse, creative thinking grounded in a strategic campaign approach. Our emphasis on developing intelligent strategies and delivering integrated solutions drives our consistent success. Leveraging our expertise and integrated approach enables us to provide a full range of services across industry sectors.
These are examples of our work to witness the tangible outcomes and expertise we bring.

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